Web design SEO tips: part 1

I specialize in optimizing my clients websites to rank high in search engines. Everyone wants to rank highly in Google, first page is always the goal. But how do we achieve this? Have you thought about your target audience? What are the keywords in your industry? Most People don't even know.

So now lets look a some points everyone should know about Google rank. :)


1. There is no way to guarantee *1 spot or first page on Google.

Google is always changing its algorithm, No one outside of Google knows this algorithm, Google give us guidelines on good and bad SEO. You may get to 1 Google search rank for your desired field, only for Google to change there algorithm and the next thing you know you on page 3.

2. It takes work and maintenance to rank high.

Content is the key, Google love fresh unique content, this is why having a blog is very important , as it provides fresh content on websites that don't have large content turnover. 

3.  Images are content.

Google search bots don't understand or see images the way humans do, so we need to use "alt" tags to give Google bots the information. 

Also use key words in the image name file. Lets see this in use:

<img title="Funny Cats" src="http://nrg.com/funny-cats.png" alt="Funny Cats">

Don't use

<img src="http://nrg.com/img_076.png">

The optimized tags will give Google bots an image that they can understand.

Parts 2 coming soon :)  Any questions on SEO just drop me a line.