Favicons Need Love To


It's been a while between posts so I thought, there's no better way to get the writing juices flowing again than to write about something has been bugging me every now & then, and that's the lack of love the favicon gets!

It truly amazes me when I go to these beautiful websites that have had thousands of dollars spent on them to find that they don't have the 16 x 16 favicon at the top of the browser... It really drivers me crazy, Let me put it this way, its like you go and buy a Mercedes Benz, spend thousands and the car looks great but they just don't put the Mercedes badge on the car!!!

It may just be me but I find it such a let down when the favicon gets no love, plus your amazing new webpage looks really.... well unfinished, so please whether you are a web designer or a client make sure the humble favicon gets its rightful & glorious 16 x 16 spot at the top of your browser.